Heya~ I'm Leah!·she/her 🏳️‍⚧️

You may know me by my online aliases, pluie or pluiedev.

I’m a Chinese open-source developer 👩🏼‍💻, community manager 🔨👷🏼‍♀️, graphics designer and artist 👩🏼‍🎨, dedicated to making the world of digital technology and design accessible and inclusive for everyone.

I love coding, drawing, painting, discovering more about myself, and helping others discover and express themselves. Funnily enough, I do most of my productive work in my spare time when I’m supposed to relax—apparently, once I get fixated on something, I can’t stop. Not sure if that’s a good quality or not! ;)

More things I like include dogs, traffic cones, history, politics and linguistics. Especially conlangs. They’re very cool.

I also often think way too hard about narrative video games, to the point I write full articles and reviews about them. I’m not exactly professional, but I still try my best to figure out what does and doesn’t tick!

Current endeavors

Up-to-date as of: June 4th, 2023

Currently, I spend most of my attention and energy on two things: community management and moderation, and contributing to and creating various open-source projects.

As one of the community managers of the Quilt Project, a modding toolchain project primarily designed for Minecraft, I work on policies, guidelines and tooling that drives Quilt towards its goal of creating a healthy, diverse, multicultural community striving to accomodate all sorts of minorities, be they ethnic or racial minorities, sexual and/or gender-nonconfirming minorities, neurodivergent minorities, or any other group of people facing various challenges and adversities in world society.

My unique identity as a queer, lesbian Chinese trans woman with an international, multicultural mindset provides me with ample amounts of lived experience with diversifying communities beyond the dominant Western, mostly Anglophone, predominantly white, cis- and heteronormative culture, which is unfortunately still the sole major cultural environment in most tech-focused communities. I hope that, through my efforts, heterogeneous people from diverse backgrounds can find communities that I manage comfortable, and be free from having to mask their cultural heritage, like when I first ventured into international technical communities.

As an open-source contributor, I occasionally submit patches and pull requests to projects I find interesting, mostly in Rust, TypeScript and Kotlin. I also maintain Quilt’s community tooling, mainly its official website and its Developer Wiki, and sometimes its own Discord bot called Cozy. I also started some other random projects, one of which is a Rust rewrite of the alien tool, originally a Perl utility script that converts Linux software packages between various formats (e.g.: .deb, .rpm, .tgz, …) for different package managers (e.g.: dpkg/apt, rpm/dnf, …)

I’m almost always coding something new, for existing projects or otherwise, and I can’t wait to show you more! For now, you’ll just have to wait for me to update this portfolio again sometime in the future…

Technologies that...

I use proficiently

I use adequately

I am still learning