Heya~ I'm Leah! · she/her

You may know me better by my online alias, pluie.

I'm a Chinese open-source developer , graphics designer and artist , currently based in Berlin, Germany, aspiring to make the world of technology and design more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

I love coding, drawing, painting, indulging in my nerdy hobbies, discovering more about myself, and helping others discover themselves. Funnily enough, I do most of my productive work in my spare time when I’m supposed to relax—apparently, once I get fixated on something, I can’t stop. Not sure if that’s a good quality or not! ;)

More things I like include dogs, cats, foxes, traffic cones, history, philosophy, politics, linguistics and game design. Especially conlangs. They’re very cool.

I also often think way too hard about narrative video games, to the point I write full articles and reviews about them. I’m not exactly professional, but I still try my best to figure out what does and doesn’t tick!


Technologies that...

I use proficiently

I use adequately

I am still learning