Heya~ I’m Leah!

You may know me better by my screen name, pluie or pluiedev.

I’m a community moderator 🔨 / coder 💻 / amateur artist 🎨 / procrastinator 💤 / etc. from China.

I like to code, to draw, to discover myself, and to help others discover themselves. More things I like include dogs and traffic cones. And linguistics. Especially conlangs. They’re very cool.

I’m transfeminine 🏳️‍⚧️ and lesbian, and I use she/her/她 pronouns — please keep that in mind before interacting with me, as I can only respect you if you respect me first. Here’s my pronouns.page page for more information :>

What I’m working on

Currently, I’m busy working with QuiltMC to create a safe, inclusive space for modded Minecraft players and developers. As one of Quilt’s Moderators, I help keep the discriminatory, hurtful, problematic people out, and the respectful, sincere, welcoming people in. So far, I think I’m doing an okay job.

I work with Quilt on a technical level too — I contribute code and reviews to Quilt Kotlin Libraries (QKL), a library allowing Kotlin users such as myself to use Quilt’s APIs easier and more idiomatically. I also help maintaining Quilt’s website, including modernizing the codebase to be based on Astro instead of Jekyll.

Even though recently I’ve been using Kotlin, JavaScript, Sass and other languages as a Quilt developer, I’m still a proud Rustacean 🦀 at heart. I often teach beginners in Rust how to improve their Rust skills and think in the Rust mindset — both in real life and on platforms like the Rust Community Discord Server — and I’m excited to see the people I helped become true Rust masters.

When I’m not busy moderating a community or coding or sitting in my chair idling, I create drawings and paintings! I’m primarily an oil painter, though I use GIMP to create digital illustrations, like my own avatar and more. Click here to check out some of my works (that I really like)!